photoBio Green is a complete nutrient fertilizer. This means that it contains or makes available through natural processes, the widely known macronutrients; Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Bio Green also contains micronutrients, which are essential for plant growth. Our complete formulas ensure that plants get all that is needed to thrive during the growing season and soil organisms get all that is needed to build and maintain healthy topsoil.


Proper nutrition is essential to maintain a lush, rich looking lawn. Bio Green will develop a program that is designed to meet the specific needs of your lawn. Not every lawn is the same. Soil conditions, climate, temperature and watering are some of the factors that must be considered for the proper nutrition for your lawn. The number of applications in a growing season will depend on the region of the country in which you live. A Bio Green service professional will ensure that all of these factors are evaluated so that you will have a green, healthy, and weed & pest free lawn throughout the year



Just like your lawn, proper nutrition is essential for your trees. Resistance to drought, disease and severe weather are significantly increased if your tree is healthy and strong. Our service professionals apply Bio Green Complete Landscape Nutrition™ directly onto the trunk of the tree, covering the bark of the tree thoroughly. This allows the tree to absorb essential nutrients immediately. For younger trees the spray will be a bit lighter. Typically a few applications will generate amazing results on any tree, regardless of the size, age or species.

In colder climates where the tree enters into a dormant period and can even freeze solid, an early spring application is needed to help jump start your trees growth for the season ahead. While the fall application helps your tree store energy and nutrition for the cold winter months. In warmer climates, it is essential to provide the tree with all the essential nutrients throughout the year. Your Bio Green service professional will determine the necessary nutritional recommendations for your area.


Your shrubs need nutrition too! Feeding them Bio Green’s Complete Landscape Nutrition™ along with your lawn and trees will provide the proper nutrition for your entire landscape. Providing the proper nutrients to your shrubs on a regular schedule will result in dense and full shrubs.


Bio Green works just as well on ornamental flowers as it does on your lawn, trees and shrubs. All plants need the same basic essential nutrients to grow. Bio Green provides these nutrients in a gentle and safe formula that will not harm or “burn” your delicate flowering plants. Proper nutrition and balance in the soil can make the difference between a beautiful flower and one that is worthy of being in a bouquet. (Please note that we do not spray directly on the flowers themselves, just around the base of the plant to protect the delicate petals.)


376029_207522069341020_457473508_n_1Bio Green is committed to the safety of our customers, your family, and our Service Providers. We are proud to offer our Natural Care Option for homeowners. With Bio Green’s Natural Care Option, we will use only the best, most effective, natural methods of maintaining the quality of your entire landscape. Each Natural Care Option is designed specifically for the varying needs of your property, since no lawn is the same; extra care is given to insure that the results are just what you are looking for. All of our Bio Green Options are based around Bio Green’s own all- natural, bio-based fertilizer products.

Should you choose, Bio Green also offers a more conventional approach to controlling weeds and other pests. As with all of our Bio Green services, this option is centered around Bio Green’s own all- natural, bio-based fertilizer products. When choosing the Complete Care Option, your Bio Green Service Provider will use a “Least Toxic Pesticide BMP (Best Management Practice). This means that “least toxic” chemical options are utilized and no unnecessary chemicals are applied where they are not needed. Chemicals are only used on a case-by-case method and are NEVER blanket applied. You can feel safe and secure knowing that Best Management Practices are ALWAYS in effect.