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What we have been up to

It's my favorite season...thank goodness, otherwise I would loose my mind.  Spring in the landscape industry is pure madness.  It's a everyone needs it now kind of time but in order to provide quality products and services.  These things take time and navigating that path can be confusing.  I try to start early and prepare myself and my customers for what's in store but it's different every year.  This Spring is no different.  

The crazy weather we experienced this Fall and Winter allowed us to work full throttle the entire time.  It has me worried about new and mature plants.  The 2 months of drought in the Fall and the unusual mild temperatures through the Winter can confuse plants and do serious damage to mature trees and shrubs.  I am watching everything closely from the way the grass is growing, which perennials are doing better than ever and what plants are suffering or are damaged.  

Years ago I planted a whole bunch of Heuchera (Coral Bells) and they seemed to struggle or not come back but this Spring I have seen more of it than any other year in the past 5 years.  Does this mean they like milder temperatures, drier winters or early springs?  I think of these things so that I can provide my customers with the best service for their gardens.  

We have been getting into all aspects of landscaping right now.  We are in the middle of a 2 month project with retaining walls, boulders, boulder steps, flagstone patio with fire pit and paver patios.  Lots of leaf and bed clean up, mulching, and dead plant replacement is going on right now.  We have received some beautiful plant material and have helped customers develop lovely outdoor spaces.  

We moved our office to a location in Woodfin, next to Thyme in the Garden.  The back field there is in a flood wash area and we are going to start a drainage project and stream restoration in order to be able to plant flowers.  We hope to have a few open houses throughout the summer and fall to allow people to cut their own flowers.  We will keep you posted on the progress.  Another good place to follow what Sprinkle Creek is up to in on our Instagram page.  

Tuesday, April 25, 2017